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Let Dogs Be Dogs

LET DOGS BE DOGS This is something I am just so passionate about - letting dogs be dogs. We all love our canine companions, but we often just expect them to fit into our human world and do everything we expect of them, without really giving much thought to what their innate needs are in order to live a happy, fulfilled life. Some of the following thoughts and ideas may seem a little inconvenient at first, but please bear with me. They are really important. Let Your Dog Sniff! Sniffing is crucial mental stimulation. If you are walking your dog on lead, please do not hurry them or pull them away from the things they want to sniff. Walks should be about your dog, and sniffaris (sniffing safaris) are one of the most enriching activities you can provide for your best friend. Imagine if every time you found something interesting, you were physically pulled away from it. How would that make you feel? I know I would find it frustrating, and dogs do too. Sniffing is a basic canine right. Please

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